Thyroid Disease News

Information on thyroid disease symptoms and treatments, including hyperthyroid and hypothyroid, plus a range of other thyroid problems including thyroid cancer.
Thyroid Disease News -- ScienceDaily
  1. The environment we experience in early-life is known to have major consequences on later-life health and lifespan. A new study using an avian model suggests that increased prenatal exposure to maternal thyroid hormones could have beneficial effects on the 'biological age' at birth.
  2. Low levels of key, body-regulating chemicals in mothers during the first three months of pregnancy may interfere with the baby's brain development, a large study shows.
  3. Researchers have created and characterized a new mouse replica of Down syndrome, long considered one of the most challenging disorders to simulate in laboratory animals.
  4. Researchers have developed a new use for a common blood test, which could provide a potentially life-saving treatment for heart failure.
  5. Exposure to iodine used for medical procedures in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) may increase an infant's risk for congenital hypothyroidism (loss of thyroid function), suggests a new study.
  6. Mild thyroid abnormalities affect up to one in five women with a history of miscarriage or subfertility which is a prolonged time span of trying to become pregnant.
  7. COVID-19 infection may cause subacute thyroiditis, according to a new case study.
  8. The old story of a farmer trying to get a stubborn mule to pull a wagon by dangling a carrot in front of its nose, or hitting its rump with a stick, may not seem to have much to do with the practice of medicine. But a new study suggests that when it comes to making the best use of healthcare dollars, it will take a combination of carrots and sticks to move things forward.